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Unit 7 35-39 Higginbotham Rd Gladesville. Phone: 9807 7933 

Our large professional client base has been built up over the years
because of our ability to be reliable, efficient and competitive in our work.

OPM Copiers Pty Limited Installation & Service Staff are all fully qualified
Technicians.  We place emphasis on providing you with the highest quality
of service at all times so that you can take comfort in the knowledge that
your product is performing to its utmost reliability.

Opm Onsite Service Warranty
All Spare Parts - All Labour - All Service Calls - All Breakdowns -
All Replacement Drums - All Preventative Maintenance -
All Comprehensive Service - All Training Of Operators
Five Year Replacement Warranty

On-Site Customer Training.
After Installing your copier, training is the first service we offer.
Our training officer will provide a training session for you and your staff
so you fully understand how to use your copier.

Our friendly customer training officers will instruct all personnel
in all operating procedures, simple maintenance such as toner
replacement, and how to rectify jams and avoid difficulties.
So you get the full use of your machine.

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Unit 7 35-39 Higginbotham Rd Gladesville.
Phone: 9807 7933 
SALES 0418 736 737  /   0412 399 393


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